When our founder went face down on his mountain bike and broke his collarbone, playing guitar and recording became far more difficult.  When he recognized the full challenge of producing excellent music and video, he began building a talented team.

That’s how Collarboned Records was born.


Our Story

We believe that real people can still make great art.

We’re here to make it a little easier.

Tucked in the suburban woods of Philadelphia, Collarboned Records is a homegrown record label focused on providing you with the recourses and firepower to develop your music and brand.

That’s why our eclectic local and global network of sonic savants and visionary artists works harder than a Roomba in a frat house to boost your music and brand with high-quality production and content.



Founder & Operations Manager

 Zac is our fearless CEO, trailblazing entrepreneur, intellectual property expert, bona fide songsmith, and specialist in creative problem solving. When he isn’t working as a licensing attorney, you can find Zac in the Collarboned studio negotiating with his piano and guitar over the occasional glass of mezcal. If Batman and the Joker needed someone to work out their issues, they’d do pretty well to call Zac, if they could get his attention.

Ben Kay

A&R / Operations E.U.

Meet Ben, our savvy British A&R ace in the hole, administrative jack of all trades, music industry virtuoso, and top-of-his-class academic achiever (he actually went to school for this stuff!). Don’t let his golden locks and sunny demeanour fool you – behind those disarming blue eyes there is a heavy soul musing over his next heart-rending ballad for his solo project, KAYBLE. which is entirely self-produced, written and marketed.

Rowan Baber

Head Visual Co-ordinator

Rowan is our visual content aficionado, story architect, editing guru, and maestro of movie making, who earns a living as an astronaut exploring the remote world inside his own head. When he’s not peering through a viewfinder or sacrificing a goat to the Muses, he likes to spend his time writing alternative gospel music.


Head Audio Engineer

Mark is our sound engineer extraordinaire, a wizard of waveform, gear head, self-taught software combobulator, beer snob, and bassist from hell. He terrorized local venues for years with a band only known as The Tappas.